How long have you been on JDate? Are you having any success? You might be asking yourself:

  • “Why isn’t this working out for me?”
  • “How come I can’t get a date?”

Let me tell you the story of my current client, let’s call him Jake… Jake had trouble with online dating and couldn’t get any dates. I tried so hard to figure out what the issue was. Finally, I said, let me see exactly what you are writing in your emails. 30 seconds, I found out the problem. It’s the same problem that causes many men to fail at getting dates when they meet women in person. Do you want to know what it is?


I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Over and over again, I see men refusing to take the initiative and ask for a date. In regard to online dating, it’s always better to go for a number first. That way you can have a quick phone chat and get to know each other better before you jump into making plans for a date. Either way, Jake wasn’t asking for the number either. Instead, he would message back and forth and back and forth. If you’re reading this and you haven’t gotten any dates yet, does this sound familiar? Have you asked a girl for her number yet? Don’t be afraid! That’s what online dating is all about. Message a few times and then go for it!

Back to Jake…

The next week after I gave him some advice, he came back and told me how he finally got his first date. How exciting! Instead of sending long messages back and forth with non-stop flirting that leads to nowhere, he finally went for it. The lesson here is to make the move. Women want you to. And the women who are using online dating sites are on there for a reason… they want dates!

Here’s a quick tip: After 2-3 message exchanges, ask for the number. She wants you to.

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  1. Good advice Tripp.. my experience also is the guy really need to read in-between the lines what the lady are “typing” or saying.. if he can, if will not when to ask for the date. That will increase the chance of success.. Just my two cents worth.. Cheer!

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