Would we still need online dating if people actually talked to each other still?

Let’s face it. These days nobody talks to each other.  We are truly living in a Farenheight 451 world. 

Why don’t we talk to each other?  One word.  Technology.

These days everyone is constantly connected, hooked up, and wired in.  In fact, the other day a friend of mine, who teaches, took his class on a school trip.  He said it was the first time he ever heard his class silent.  This is because they were allowed to bring phones and whatnot in that day, so everyone was locked in on the bus ride.

This makes me kind of sad.  Technology is great, but sometimes we are just too connected.  Where there is progress, there is always a price.

With the invention of planes the birds lose their wonder.  With the invention of online dating, we no longer have to talk to people in real life anymore..

Well, maybe that is a good thing, I take it all back!