What Would Jew Do?

Scenario #1: You’ve recently ended a relationship but continue to “spend time together” although you suspect that your ex is already having “new” company over. You’re jealous and slightly angry, not so much because you want to be in a relationship with this person again but because of the dishonesty in being together when others are now involved. You consider the following: leaving hair in the bathroom that is clearly not your ex’s, accidentally leaving make-up or your toothbrush or a sock behind, writing a note and purposefully leaving it in a place where your ex won’t think to notice but where an observant prospect will look. Or… finally just make a clean break and wish your ex luck.

Scenario #2: You’ve recently started dating someone and not only do you want to let everyone else know that you’re now around and there to stay but you also want the new prospect to have subtle reminders of you strewn about so as not to be able to get you off his or her mind. You consider the following: spraying your perfume or cologne on their pillow case when they aren’t looking, accidentally leaving something behind (toothbrush, make-up, a sock or even your wallet or cell phone which you will need back and creates a new opportunity to see each other again), or DVRing a show or movie on their TV which you discussed both wanting to watch.

Would ever do any of these things? It’s not so far-fetched. The 1st scenario is a bit vengeful and not a good reflection of you but the 2nd scenario can be really sweet if done tastefully.

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