Our love story is as unique as anybody else’s… and that’s what made it ours. A story like no other, filled with lots of love, laughter and some tears… out of joy.            

On September 18th, 2008, I logged into JDate, looking forward to closing my account because the horrors of dating had gotten too much for me to bear. I figured I would just handle the dating scene on my own and be prepared for whatever would take place. However, a man kept pestering me; he kept insisting that we at least go out for coffee. He kept on with the messages for over an hour while I tried to nicely tell him that I wasn’t interested. Well, in the end, DaveGourmet won, and I agreed to meet him at the Starbucks® nearby.

Three days later, I was in a cushiony chair in Starbucks sitting across and holding the hand of the man that I knew was going to be my husband.

On one sporadic day in May, we were sitting in that same Starbucks, I was sipping my green tea Frappuccino® and opened the bag to not only find my huge chocolate chip cookie, but a diamond ring as well. 

We got married on a spectacular summer day on August 9th, 2009, in Brooklyn, New York. No preparations, no fuss, no huge ordeal of a wedding. There was a Rabbi, our immediate family and the best of friends. A small and the most intimate wedding there could ever be to watch the both of us recite the Brachot and join us in one of our most happiest days.

We had our amazing son, Isaac, on August 28th, 2010. He is absolutely the best little person in the world.  A joy, and absolute treasure, and soon-to-be big brother of a sibling expected Independence Day of this year.

Why did it take almost four years to write to you guys? There is no reason. I didn’t need any more excuses for happiness to let the world know that JDate gave me my life I always dreamed of. 

When anyone asks the usual, “How did you guys meet?” I answer without hesitation; before that question even ends… the answer is JDate.

Yana and David
Somerset, New Jersey

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  1. Wow. What a great story. I practically given up using this site to achieve the same thing. I guess fairy tales can come true.
    Mazel tov to both of you.

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