Many of your non-Jewish guests may ask you about those little hats that men wear on their heads in temple. The Yentas offer you some answers that you can share.

  • The little hat is a yarmulke, also known as a kippah, which is a Yiddish word derived from the Polish word for “cap.” A yarmulke is worn during the time of prayer. So that’s your very basic definition. But what does it have to do with weddings?
  • A yarmulke is one Jewish detail that you can tie in to your wedding color theme while providing the men who are attending your ceremony a wonderful take-home memento from your special day. Plus, we all know every household has a stash of collected yarmulkes ranging from special occasions like Joseph Abramovitz’s Bar Mitzvah (adorned with a printed pattern of baseballs and gloves), The Wedding of Beth and Aaron Cohen and the plain white yarmulke your father-in-law accidentally wore home from the temple’s Rosh Hashanah morning service. This collection of yarmulkes you have in your china closet may just come in handy the next time you have Passover dinner at your house or your husband hosts a minyan.

But,we’re getting off track. Back to weddings, of course, and ideas that’ll make your guests want to keep your kippah.

Yarmulkes come in all different colors and materials. We’ve seen yarmulkes made of satin, velvet, leather, suede, and yarn that are knitted or crocheted. They can have a sports theme, an animal print, even your wedding logo. There is no yarmulke too sparkly or adorned! They can also be featured in your photos depending on their displays. Details on your wedding day are key so let your yarmulke have a place in your album! Your bald Uncle Moshe will also be appreciative when his head doesn’t get burned during your beautiful outdoor ceremony! Who needs SPF 40 when you have a yarmulke?

Providing yarmulkes at your wedding does not – we repeat, does not – have to be an additional stressful item. You can design and order online in a matter of minutes. A few of our favorite websites provide yarmulkes of every shape and color. Ordering online is an easy way to mix and match, buy in bulk and get great deals on yarmulkes for your wedding!

There are even various types of yarmulkes you can buy to suit your style, theme or needs. Ever heard of an eco-friendly yarmulke? Made of recycled cardboard this is, without a doubt, the perfect addition to any green or eco-friendly wedding! There is a great variety of other yarmulkes, as well, that can all be ordered in bulk! Spend some time online and you can also find embossed foil yarmulkes with a paisley pattern (yup, paisley). Baseball teams, instruments, hobbies and happy faces can all be included in your yarmulke spread. This is another chance to include remnants of you and your husband in your wedding!

Displaying your yarmulkes at your wedding can also be a creative project and detail element.

  • Find a cute chest, basket, or box to put the yarmulkes in and as guests enter your ceremony area they can pick them up.
  • Line the card or gift table with yarmulkes.
  • Appoint someone to pass them out as guests are seated prior to your ceremony. A yarmulke and a program – what a deal! Better than popcorn and peanuts at a ballgame.

There are lots of ways to incorporate yarmulkes on your wedding day!

Don’t forget…your groom can sport his own special yarmulke and give his groomsmen fun ones to wear. Can we say groomsmen gift? It’s just so simple!

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