According to Chinese philosophy, the concept of yin yang depicts the strong attraction and complementary nature of opposites within a greater whole.  Having lived in Asia for two years, I am enamored by Eastern philosophy and culture.  Although intriguing, the practicality and success of me dating a Jewish Costa Rican photographer who likes roughing it, sleeping in beach tents, and has a flies- by-the-seat-of-his-pants lifestyle is unlikely.  I adhere to my philosophy that although opposites may be exciting, similar people with similar goals and lifestyles stay together.  Whether it be couples who enjoy exercise and savoring the outdoors verses homebodies; Four Seasons verses roughing it; and the like.  Perhaps there is a middle ground too.  Having a similar lifestyles and interests, but different temperament styles may help achieve the needed yin-yang balance in a relationship and can be helpful in identifying the perfect compatible partner. #47 New York Philharmonic in Central Park under the Stars.  Okay, NYC specific this week though I’m sure similiar events exist throughout the nation – get some culture while under the stars in Central Park listening to the NYC Philharmonic with thousands of other young professionals presents a “meet-cute” opportunity to light a spark especially when followed by fireworks. See you there.