Dear Gems from Jen,

It is so easy to say what you have said about age to the person who asked about dating younger men. IN fact, your response was rather flip..  It seems that men want to meet women who are 10 to 20 years younger than they are.
No matter their age, these men (who are 75+) don’t want to meet women who are 75, but feel like 50, and possibly look like 60…which is a description of my age.  So what to do?  Please help…..

Dear You are as Young as You Feel: Part Deux,

There are many men who desire someone in their own age bracket. This is not to say there aren’t men and women, for that matter, that look for someone younger, but it is not always the case. If you re-read my post you will see that I did state there are people looking for partners in their own age bracket. It is not just about how young you feel or look. Don’t let the title of the post fool you into thinking I believe it is all about how young you feel.  It is about who you are and what it is you are exactly looking for. 

My best suggestion for you is to stop generalizing men. Not all men are looking for younger women.  In fact, after reading your question I called my father who is in his late 60’s. He is retired, but quite active.  He is happily married so I asked him, hypothetically, if he were single what age woman would he prefer to date; a younger woman, a woman his own age, or an older woman. He responded without a moment of hesitation that he would only want to date someone in his age range.  When I pressed him for his reasoning, his response did not surprise me in the least.  He stated, “Younger women are nice to look at, but I want companionship and someone I can relate to.” This is what true relationships are really about. It is not about what you look like, how old you are or feel, it is about being with someone at the end of a long day who loves you unconditionally.

Gems from Jen