Dear Gems from Jen,

I am 77, but most everyone thinks I am in my late 50’s; therefore I always meet younger men.  My last one was 42 and we dated for 10 years. He was too young for me, but I didn’t want more than what I had. Men my age or at least 10 years younger would be nice, but if I am honest and tell them my age before we meet they won’t even acknowledge me. Should I just forget about it?

 Dear You Are As Young As You Feel,

 My belief is age is just a number. How old do you actually feel? I have asked almost every person I have worked with this question and inevitably the answer is always younger than their actual chronological age. I do consider that people of a similar age tend to have more in common.  Pop culture references don’t usually go over their heads. Memories of world events are much more similar. I’m not sure if I would be comfortable dating someone who remembered Kennedy’s assassination and didn’t understand my fascination with Saturday morning Kroft Superstars. But, that is my belief when it comes to dating people of a similar age. There are many people who are much more comfortable dating someone older or younger than themselves.

 I do believe people need to be accepted for who they are. There are many people looking for partners within your age range. I think “just forgetting it” is a mistake. If you want to date, then date! If you are really feeling that uncomfortable leave your age out of the equation until you feel ready. But, if you want to create a harmonious relationship your age should be revealed as soon as possible. The person who is on the other side of the relationship is entitled to know who they are becoming involved with, age and all.  Do remember however; not being honest is a slippery slope to a potential disaster. 

 Gems from Jen