A lot of girls are called “crazy” by men they date, but are the women crazy or do the men drive them crazy? What comes first, the chicken or the egg?  Some women put on a fake persona on a first date and in the beginning of a relationship because they are afraid to be themselves and they want to be what they think the man wants. So when their true selves start to come through, the woman can end up looking like a bonafide lunatic.  Some women are being true to themselves, but are trying to temper their personalities a bit in an effort to be conservative and safe. So when they suddenly let out more of their personality they can appear certifiable. Then there are the times that a man just simply drives a sane woman crazy! Try to reel in the crazy ladies. Be yourself and don’t let the stress of dating make you into something you’re not. Try to keep it all in perspective and depart your date with your pride.

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