Tomorrow they crown the new American Idol. Who can forget last year’s American Idol? Besides nearly everybody. The finale couldn’t be happening at a more opportune moment. Steven Tyler was running out of “You nailed it” comments.

The question is, on the relationship front, who’s your idol, American or otherwise? Is it healthy to idolize another person? To worship the water they walk on? To mentally wipe out their all too human flaws? This tends to happen more if you’re of a certain age and yet to become cynical and bitter. Say… 12.

At what point do the chinks in their armor start do infiltrate the image you’ve been idolizing? It’s how you come to accept their all too human foibles that impacts whether, to quote Randy Jackson, “you’re in it to win it, dawg.” Human. Dawg. I’m getting confused.

In mature relationships, as in karaoke with a live band, you can learn from your mistakes, work at more compellingly tapping into honest emotions, and maybe even make some beautiful music.

As for me, I’m in between relationships. Crown me the American Idle.

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