Many people that sign up for online dating ignore just how useful your photo galleries can be. 

The common attitude is, “If I put up some pictures of myself that I look good in, I’ve done my job.”

While this may be effective, many of you are missing a huge opportunity.  Your photo galleries have the ability to do so much more than merely present you in a way that makes you visually appealing.

Photo galleries have the ability to tell the story of your life.  There is only so much you can say in words with your profile.  And not only that, but they are just words.

With your photos you can prove it!  Show off your exciting sides, your fun sides, your serious sides, etc.

Use photos that hit on some of the ten levels of attraction that I write about in my online dating book.

Bottom line:  Don’t blow all the opportunity that photo galleries bring.  Rookie online daters fear them.  Master online pick up artists embrace them and use them to their full advantage.