Finding time to make dates isn’t always easy. Many people have demanding jobs and social lives that they are trying to balance, and dating is just one element of that equation. Additionally, not everyone works a standard 9-5 job and has their weekends free, which means that finding a time when both of you are available might not be as simple as you would like.

As a college basketball coach my hours vary a great deal, and my free time is at a premium during the season from mid-October until mid-March. As a result I have to push myself to be social and make plans as opposed to curling up in an anti-social ball during the season. However even though I might be resolved to make plans that doesn’t guarantee I will be able to.

Recently I’ve been dating a doctor (whom I met online) who has a schedule that is constantly changing and fluid like mine. In spite of our best efforts it has been getting more and more difficult to find time during the week to see each other. Additionally, even when we have found time, one or both of us has been exhausted and the plans have been far too brief.

This situation had been bothering me recently since I like this woman and enjoy our time together, and fortunately after lamenting my problem to a friend last week he did offer some good perspective on my predicament. His point was that in any relationship there are going to be things that you need to overcome as a couple. For the doctor and me, we need to overcome the difficulties that have arisen as the result of our busy and opposing schedules and only time will tell whether we will be able to work through this issue in the long run.