I am the first one to admit that I’m really bad at interpreting signals that women give me at the end of a date that indicate whether or not they are interested in going out again. I know that there are certain subtle verbal or physical clues that I should be able to pick up during the course of a date, but for whatever reason I am seemingly illiterate when it comes to reading women. Furthermore, I fully acknowledge that I should be able, at least a majority of the time, to determine from a woman’s words and gestures whether she’s interesting in going out again, but it still seems like I always end up misreading the situation.

Maybe other men have this problem as well, but it seems like I am particularly terrible in this regard, which is a fact that has become exceedingly frustrating. To be honest I’m really tired of misreading women and having them tell me after the date, or on the phone the next day that they had a good time but didn’t want to go out again. Perhaps it is in the previous statement where my confusion ultimately lies since when I have a good time with someone I typically want to see them again; however I know that not everyone thinks the way that I do.

Personally I try not to think too much on dates, and generally subscribe to the idea that if I have a good time with someone that we should go out again and see where things go, but I know that not everyone has this perspective, and I just need to keep trying to do my best to understand their individual dating language