A month after moving to NYC, I found myself watching the old romantic classic comedy You’ve Got Mail. The opening shot shows the adorable Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks unknowingly (literally) crossing paths at Verdi Park on 72nd/Broadway. The scene cuts to that evening, at which time, Meg and Tom are emailing each other, ironically pontificating that they live worlds apart (“on the island of Manhattan that is”).

In a densely populated city with millions, you would think crossing paths is an anomaly, but in actuality, it is the rule rather than the exception. Today, with the internet, Facebook and JDate, the world is smaller than we ever imagined. Whether it is Six Degrees of Bacon (or Gefilte Fish), I have heard plenty of stories of couples meeting (whether on JDate or elsewhere), where either their paths had crossed prior (and they should have met) or they had many people in common, but their connection never came to be until that “meet cute” moment.  At times, our blinders and routines may keeps us from being truly open to outside stimulus.  As my dear friend Amy recently told me, “just pause and take it all in, who knows what or who may enter your individual world.”

Taking Amy’s advice, from the background of a photo posted on JDate I detected a gentleman who worked in my office building. We spoke and I also learned that we go to the same gym and live in the same neighborhood. I’m guessing we have crossed paths many times…whether a romantic connection develops will be left to Cupid, but at a minimim, I have a new work friend and a happy reminder that life is dynamic and ever changing.