I’m 5 foot 6, and I always wear heels making me closer to 5’10”, so when I was single and on JDate I made my preference for men 6 feet or taller. I knew I was systematically eliminating thousands of great men (especially since Jewish men are not exactly known for their height), but I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing flats the rest of my life so that my man would always be taller than I. Stupid right? But everyone had their physical “thing” — be it height, weight, eyes, smile — you know, the one make or break trait you think you can’t live without. Height was my one thing and the only thing I was insistent on physically; it was what I needed for attraction. I kept trying to date guys under 6 feet, but it didn’t work. It wasn’t always only because of height of course, but it was always a part of it. If there’s one physical trait or personality trait that you just can’t live without, then don’t, but be willing to compromise on everything else. My husband is 6’2″, but he was also a smoker until recently, and I never in a million years thought I would marry a smoker! Which was more important to me? Height won. And I got to keep my heels.

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