I met Rory on JDate three years ago and we immediately clicked. I had been on and off the site for a bit, and he had been on JDate for two days before I found him — no joke! I believe I sent him a ‘Flirt,’ which he responded to. After several emails through the site, we exchanged phone numbers and began talking. It was such luck and amazing timing that Rory happened to subscribe when I was searching for a serious relationship.

Rory and I decided to meet on the day of a huge snowstorm in December 2010; we chose to go to Starbucks for hot chocolates. I knew Rory was someone special because after we met, he followed up with witty, kind emails and phone calls that showed me his genuine interest in me and my life. We arranged to go on a second “real” date: dinner and ice skating in NYC. It wasn’t long before we were talking every day and decided to be exclusive. I have never known someone to read my feelings so well or be so in-tune to my emotions.

Rory and I dated for about one and a half years before moving in together. Six months after moving in, he proposed. We are getting married in the fall of 2014, and we are both so excited.

It turns out, most of my close friends who are either in serious relationships or now married, met on JDate. For me, it was all about patience and waiting for the right guy at the right time.

Alexandra and Rory
Scotch Plains, New Jersey

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  1. What an amazing story! You guys sound like you are meant to be together! He looks like an amazing cuddler! I mean he really seems to have what it takes to keep a person warm at night. I love you two together and I wish you the best!

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