In August of 2006, shortly after they both moved to Los Angeles, Scott and Alison met on After emailing back and forth and talking a few times on the phone, they agreed to meet up for coffee at a Starbucks® in Pasadena. 

After grabbing coffee (and later sushi) on a very hot summer day, they spent time together walking around the city and getting to know each other. As they parted ways, Alison didn’t know the fate of their relationship, but the next morning there was an email in her inbox from Scott saying what a great time he had and that he wanted to see her again.

They became good friends and went on many fun dates for an entire year before Scott asked her to be his girlfriend.  When Alison got frustrated about the slow pace of their courting process, she was reminded of a quote: “A relationship without friendship at its base is like a mansion built on the sand.”

4 years later…

Alison had thrown out the idea of going to the spa for a couples’ day for their anniversary.  Scott agreed and so the plan was formed.  Since that was their “gift” to each other, the only thing they would exchange that morning were cards…Or so Alison thought!

At 6am, when they woke up (thank you natural alarm clock!), Alison turned to Scott with a huge smile and said, “Happy Anniversary! Can I give you your card?” Alison pulled a card from her nightstand drawer for Scott. Now it was Scotts turn.

Scott handed Alison a card, and also a wrapped gift (not a ring box). Alison opened her card, enjoyed the sentiments inside, and then un-wrapped her “extra” gift.  Inside was a frame filled with pictures of all of their trips, smiling faces and funny faces, and years worth of memories. On the back of the frame it said, “I want to experience a lifetime of moments like these with you…”

Alison looked up. Scott said, “The rest of it is in your nightstand!” And wedged in the corner was a gold box. Alison took the box in her hand and said, “You’ve got to be kidding me!  I’m afraid to open it!” She opened the box and looked at Scott.

He asked, and she said yes!

They will be married in Alison’s hometown of Southampton, New York on April 14, 2012.

Alison & Scott
Los Angeles, California

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