Amanda and Mark

Dear JDate,

I had been on JDate for about a year and was contemplating getting off because I had not found somebody compatible in my area. Luckily, I decided to give it one more try and widened my search to Houston and Dallas. That is when I saw Amanda’s profile for the first time. I am a sports fanatic and also work in sports. In her “About Me” section she mentioned loving to watch all types of sports. After seeing this, I knew I had to email her. Amanda had been on JDate for longer than I, and had been on some JDates, but never found a match, thank goodness.  When I first contacted Amanda, she was also thinking of getting off of JDate, she later told me.

Since I was living in Austin and she was in Dallas, I was afraid she would not respond to my email. Much to my delight, within a few hours, I got the “you’ve got mail” message. I was extremely excited so I hurried to check my inbox. I knew immediately that we would hit it off. We swapped emails back and forth for a week or two and then finally exchanged numbers. The first time I called her I was getting ready to go to the Alamo Bowl with my best friend to see his alma mater. I thought I was only going to say ‘hi’ and set something up for the future, but we ended up talking for about two hours so I ended up being late getting ready for the game. The conversation had to eventually come to an end, but I knew there would be many more to come in the near future.

We kept talking and decided to meet a week later on December 30, 2008, because she was going to be in Austin for New Year’s. All of my friends were also coming to Austin that year for New Year’s, so a friend and I went in search for the perfect shirt to wear on my first date with Amanda. I found it and two hours later, I was picking up Amanda at her friend’s house.

We went to dinner at a great Italian restaurant downtown and were seated immediately. From then on, the conversation flowed nonstop, just like it had over the phone. After talking for a while, we both admitted to setting up alternative plans and ways out if things didn’t work. In the midst of her best friend calling and my buddies texting me that they were out downtown having drinks, we decided to play a joke on my friends. By this time, it was already 11:30 pm and our date started at 7:00 pm. I texted my friends and I told them I was having an awful time and couldn’t get her to end the date and said that we were our way to meet up with them. When I showed up, their mouths dropped when she was standing there next to me. Quickly, I got pulled aside and asked why I had invited her to come with me. I then called Amanda over and we told them we had been messing with them. Amanda+&+Mark+1

We began talking about how we could make this relationship work being that we lived three and a half hours away from each other. We met up the next night for a little while even though our friends were partying at two different bars. Another tidbit I found out was that her best friend had also met her husband on JDate. The next weekend, I was already making the trip to Dallas to see her and we were playing with our schedules to arrange more weekends together. This was tough because during the spring I don’t have the ability to travel because of my job.

It was truly a blessing that her brother worked for Southwest and was able to get her flight passes to come see me in Austin. For six months, we dated long distance and she decided to move to Austin in July. Another amazing gift was that her company decided to let her work from her apartment in Austin so she was able to keep her job.

After her first lease was over, we moved in together in January of 2009, a year after we had first met. Amanda and I went to Las Vegas in August of this year with a bunch of our friends. Little did she know it was going to be a trip she would always remember. We had talked about getting married and even had gone ring shopping; however, three days before we left for Vegas I asked her if she wanted to go ring shopping again. The first night we went out to dinner with our friends and they went with us to see the Bellagio fountains while the rest of the group went to Body English. Everyone else knew what was happening except for Amanda. We got to the Bellagio and took some pictures before the famous fountain show. I was wearing the same shirt I wore on our first date. When the show started, our friends casually moved back and kept people from getting in between them and us. About two minutes into the show, I tapped Amanda on the shoulder and got down on my knee and proposed. With our friends there, we had someone to take pictures of the best moment of our lives.

Amanda and I will get married on November 7, 2010 after a rather long engagement because of my work. Thank you JDate for having this wonderful site where I was able to find the love of my life.

Tips for other JDaters:

Don’t get discouraged by bad dates. There are many wonderful people out there you just have to wholeheartedly believe in the process.

Amanda and Mark
Austin, TX

June 2013 Update:

Mazel tov to Amanda and Mark! The couple had their first baby on February 2, 2013 and named him Asher.

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  1. You guys, it’s past November 7th!!! Give us all some nachas, & post your wedding pic :-). Hope you had the best blessed day EVER!!!

  2. Here’s my toast to the fine young newlyweds: First off, and a kind of a ‘by the way’, but is it me, or does anyone else see the three bright spiritual orbs in the proposal photo???! It even appears that the top one is a full moon!! But enough of that—So thank you Mark & Amanda for sharing your blessing, and awe-inspiring story. You paint the ever elusive ‘love’ in such a clear, to the point kinda way, as if to make it sound like every soul that comes in contact with your story can remember the incredible passion full rush of truly connecting on a crazy level, actually on crazy multi-levels, and remembering that anything is possible, no matter how old or worn out you believe you are!! So, big gonzo sized congratulations, you two are incredible looking. Very well balanced, yet very fun. Happiness beams from every facet of the photo no doubt. Bestest of luck, even though it sounds as if the two of you have the very makings of what fairy tales are based on!!! 😉


    GeminiMonkey444 aka Neil from Round Rock

  3. I was on JDate for a while, and have had friends meet great people from it. I actually met my boyfriend through a friend- while on Jdate, but not through Jdate. Things are going well, so I hope we will continue, but stories like this are so heartwarming, I know that Jdate works still. Congrats to this couple. Very touching. 🙂

  4. Great story especially of those who have attempted the long-distance relationship. It is a special story and it was just meant to be. So glad to see that Jdate can actually work!! The publicist at JDate needs to correct the date for which you two had your first date because it says you moved in together in January 2009 but went on your 1st date December 2008 (it should read Dec 2007). Take plenty of pictures.

    Mazel Tov!!!

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