Dear JDate,

cont-mt-amy-benI’ve lived in Los Angeles for seven years. Over the years, I had heard the “buzz” about JDate actually making matches; friends of people I knew were getting married after meeting online. I was a skeptic and preferred a more “natural” way of dating. Plus, I’d heard horror stories.

After not meeting the “right kind” of men in Los Angeles, I took a deep breath, purchased a three-month membership to JDate and decided to try it. What could be the harm?

In the first week, I received over 250 emails from men (and women) of all ages from all parts of the world. (And, yes, I actually read each one of them.)

I narrowed the stack down to just a few and wrote back emails to the potential suitors. One week into the back and forth of emails, one of the men asked to meet me for dinner. I was very surprised at how quickly I’d been asked on a date. He had been on a few dates with women he had met online and had determined it was better to meet sooner rather than later to see if there was a “match.” He SEEMED like a nice guy from his emails and on the phone, and he did look cute in his online photos, so I accepted. We arranged to meet for dinner on April 26, 2003.

Our dinner date turned into dinner, dancing, pool, and then late night coffee. After our third date, we suspended our JDate accounts using the “I’ve met someone special” reason.

One year, two months and one day later, I came home one day to find rose petals scattered about my condo and a large heart made out of rose petals on my bed. In the center of the heart was a Scrabble Board that read “AMY, YOU JUST FIT FOR REASONS TOO NUMEROUS TO COUNT. PLEASE ACCEPT EXALTING LOVE AND RING AND MARRY ME.” Standing before me was my JDate boyfriend BeachBen. He dropped to a knee, presented me with a beautiful ring and asked me to be his wife. I happily accepted.

This is the man of my dreams and I could not be happier. He even called my father to ask his permission for my hand. He is truly my besheret in every sense of the word…. we are both practicing Conservative Jews and have the same backgrounds of tradition, culture, and faith. He is intelligent, kind, funny, sweet, and a bonus – he’s gorgeous. And, I met him on JDate.

Add another one to your pile JDate… thank you so much for letting us meet and giving you another success story.

Amy & Ben
Los Angeles, California

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