After a few conversations on JDate, Donny and Amy decided to meet in person in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Donny was working for an engineering firm in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Amy was in law school in Chapel Hill.

Donny was about to leave the state for graduate school, so the two agreed their dinner date was just for fun. Three weeks later, when Donny did leave the area, they had already been on five dates. They just seemed to have more to talk about, and always wanted to see each other again, even though they couldn’t see how they’d continue once Donny moved away.

They continued talking on the phone every night and visiting each other occasionally for nearly a year. After 12 months, Amy decided to move to the city where Donny lived to start a new job. They found they enjoyed each other’s company even more in person and spent several months getting to know each other better.

The two realized they love cooking, hiking, and traveling (or planning to travel) together. They even made up a combination “Asian food/dollar theater” date that is their signature date.

After a few months, Donny proposed. The two were married in Miami in June of 2012.

Amy and Donny
Atlanta, Georgia

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