Dear JDate,

Finally, the dream begins.

cont-mt-amy-larryIt’s amazing how timing is such a crucial thing. I am convinced that we actually first met as kids in Hallandale Beach, Florida, where my family vacationed every summer and Larry’s family lived. Larry and I must have been in the same places innumerable times after that, and we never bumped into each other. New York, Israel, Los Angeles, and Atlanta… in those places at the same time!

I was just about to take my profile off of JDate, out of sheer frustration with the dating scene as a whole, and then, Larry emailed me, saying that our first date should be in New Orleans for Jazz Fest. I had wanted to go to Jazz Fest for many years, and I was intrigued by the spontaneity of this man. I looked at his profile, and he was adorable! He told me later that my profile picture — at a party with just a peek of belly button — was the hook for him and that meeting his soul mate was the sinker.

On April 4, 2003, we went on our first date. The moment he walked through the door, I knew he was the one… LITERALLY. I am a hard-core realist, and Larry completely floored me. When it’s right, you definitely know it. We both fell very fast and very hard for each other. We had both been in very unhappy marriages before, to non-Jews, and couldn’t believe that all we both had ever dreamed of came in a perfect, Jewish package! Back to the Tribe forever!

We each knew we had found our Beshert. Now he knows my every thought, my every dream, and I his. We look forward to growing old together and having many wonderful adventures together, FINALLY with the right one. What timing couldn’t do, JDate did.

We married on April 4, 2005 on Ironwood Beach in Maui, Hawaii, exactly two years after we first met.

Our lives are complete! Thank you, JDate

Amy & Larry
Atlanta, Georgia

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