Although some might ridicule the unconventional method of meeting that special someone online, we couldn’t be prouder to share our JDate story with anyone willing to listen.

Finding Andrea’s creative and honest profile, accompanied by a few (current) photos, was certainly refreshing — especially given my lack of conviction in the female dating pool in Los Angeles. Needless to say, I reached out to the stunning girl in the pictures, threw out some cheesy and likely unoriginal material, and hoped for a response.

As it turns out, I had a job, a reasonably full set of hair, was male, and enjoyed the mutual interest of breathing/eating/drinking. Whatever it was she saw in my profile, we exchanged a few emails and quickly transitioned to a date.

Andrea and I met for dinner and drinks at an outdoor venue, sparks flew and emotions ran high (as did my heart rate), and the rest, as they say… is history. We enjoyed a fairy tale romance over the next eight months before I begged and pleaded for Andrea to say, “Yes!” during a magical proposal in Maui in January of 2012. Seven months later, we tied the knot and now look forward to connecting the dots between now and forever.

Thank you JDate for creating a website where an ordinary guy can meet an extraordinary woman… and with a lot of work and a little luck, manage to one day call her his amazing wife.

Andrea and Brett
Los Angeles, California

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  1. Although we’ve never thought of you as just “ordinary,” we’re among the first to say we could not be happier that our “ordinary” son met and married such an extraordinary young woman! We will forever wish the two of you the most magical marriage possible. We Love You!

  2. When Junior wrote to me about his beautiful wife, I knew I had to travel to see them. Smiley pies!!!

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