June 21st, 2008 I was in Tel Aviv hanging out with some friends. After leaving the clubs we went to a cafe where the table next to us was having their palms read by a friend. I was intrigued and was totally eavesdropping on their conversation. The party saw my interest and sent their friend over to read my palm. There he told me I would meet my husband soon and that the beach would have a big connection.  Two nights later I met my now husband at a bar on the beach, we had our first date on the beach and 15 months later were married on the beach. But I didn’t tell my husband about this chance encounter with the palm reader until many months after we met.

There are people who believe in angels, ghosts and afterlife. There are people who plan their days and chart their lives using their horoscopes. And there are the people who believe in psychics, palm readers and tarot cards. I have no idea what people are actually capable of but I’ve heard some amazing stories about communicating with spirits and of course had my own palm reading experience. It’s all very interesting, but no one on a first date wants to hear about it. Don’t ask your date what their sign is nor should you comment about the  compatibility of your signs when you hear when their birthdays are. Don’t talk about speaking with your great-grandmother whose passed on to the other side nor should you mention that she told you in your dreams last night that this is your Beshert.

As cool as it is to have these experiences (or freaky, depending upon your train of thought) you don’t need to share them with new dates. Wait until you’re in a committed relationship before you share. In the meantime, watch your psychic shows in the privacy of your own home and when the time comes to share your interests you can use these shows (ie Long Island Medium) to broach the topic.


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