Mike and Anna have a pretty unique story. When Mike emailed Anna in June of 2010, Anna was losing hope after a series of bizarre dates. For the next six or eight weeks, the two never even spoke on the phone, but chatted several times a week on their smartphones. Everything seemed to be going nowhere fast!

Weeks later, when Anna went away to France, her phone was stolen. That would have likely meant the end of their texting/chatting relationship, and any connection between Mike and Anna. Still, Anna made Mike laugh — and for some unknown reason, he put the day she returned from France into his calendar.

When Anna got back, Mike texted and she was impressed. A date was set, but she cancelled! Mike rescheduled two nights later. The two finally met and shared food, drank margaritas, talked for hours… and have not stopped talking since!

Nearly a year after the improbable first date, Anna walked in from work and found a gorilla-singing telegram in a wedding dress, and Mike on one knee.

Anna got revenge at the wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico on May 4, 2012 when she smashed the entire wedding cake in Mike’s face.

Mike knows he is the luckiest man on the planet and will be even luckier this May when they welcome their first child into the world!

Neither could have imagined this could happen, and are so grateful to JDate for bringing them together.

Anna and Mike
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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