Everyone has their annoying habits whether it’s snoring or snapping their gum or chewing loud or chewing on their hair or picking their split ends or clearing their throat or tapping their foot or having an obnoxious chuckle. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, has some kind of tick. The question is… can you live with it forever? Is there something they have a subconscious habit of doing that you can’t stand? You can try pointing it out… some people can unlearn these habits while others cannot. Is it the only thing that annoys you or are there deeper issues that you have problems with but this is your breaking point? Many times when someone gets under your skin for something as little as cracking their knuckles there’s actually a much bigger problem at bay. Before you pull out your own hair because your significant other can’t keep their fingers out of their hair, figure out what’s really annoying you and don’t ruin a good relationship for a bad habit.

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