Are People STILL Doubting Pompey?! 

Okay, so here’s the deal.  In my last article I addressed those who doubted The Great Pompey.  (The Great Pompey, kind of catchy no?)

The debate has been whether or not looks are the only thing that matter when it comes to successfully dating women online.

The theory by some was that if you take two guys, one whom is good looking with a bad personality, and one whom is not good looking with a good personality, that the good looking guy will always win out.

Well, not true at all in my oh-so not-so-humble opinion.  But I digress.  Been there, done that in the last article.   And The Great Pompey does not return to been-there, done-that situations!  Right ladies!

Ok kidding.  Maybe.

However, what I do want to address is something that still seems to be a misconception.

This misconception once again involves looks.

Here’s the deal:

Looks do matter.  In fact, looks can be the only thing women pay attention to.

Whether you are online, or on a first date, if you don’t have that sexy, alpha male, straight out of a magazine look going, women will move right onto the next profile looking for a better man, right?

Have I lost my mind with this statement after all my previous arguments?  Well, maybe. I still do watch Jersey Shore, and even let a JDate girl convince me to watch Mob Wives one time.  God, those women terrify my soul.

But back to the argument, no I haven’t lost my mind, because I wasn’t finished…

Women will often choose the best looking guy, but listen loud and clear:

Looks only become the main focus when you don’t fully attract women in every other way possible.

When we make profiles and write emails, we must attract women in every way possible, based on qualities other than our looks.  This includes creating demand, high interest, value, humor, confidence, etc.  There are ten ways in total that I stress.  If we fail to attract women through these other means, then women will only focus on looks.

The same goes for dating.  If we fail to demonstrate the above qualities, then women will only focus on looks.

Why?  Think about it from the female perspective.

If you were receiving 500 repetitive emails per day from guys, and reading 500 boring profiles a day, what else would you focus on?

With every guy seeming just about the same, you’d choose the best-looking one or the one with the most money!

This applies to dating as well.  If women are going on boring and repetitive dates over and over, why not just choose the best-looking guy out of the bunch, even if the average guy had a decent personality?  At the end of the day, she will just remember the average guy as not much more interesting than the good-looking guy.

My point is, when women focus on looks, it’s our fault because we have failed to give them enough reasons to focus on qualities other than our looks.

Remember, unlike men, women are not solely visual.  Far from it.  But, they will be solely visual if we don’t give them a whole list of reasons why they shouldn’t be.

So do you want to beat the better-looking guys out and date the most beautiful women?

Then stand out.

If you are not the best looking, you have to work ten times as hard on your profiles, messages, and dating skills.

Is this fair?  No.  But life isn’t fair.

Give women a reason to pick you.  Being the same as everyone else, great personality or not, will make women leave you for the good-looking guy every time.

Learn how to push through to that next level, because let’s face it, women have another 100 messages waiting for them at home after their date.

Believe me, I was once there.  Now I get more messages then I can answer on a daily basis.  And it all started with a great profile and great emailing tactics.

In fact, I get an average of 20 emails per week initiating conversation with me, telling me that my profile was the most funny, interesting profile they read on JDate!  But, we’ll save that one for a future article!

Joshua Pompey has been helping men from countries all over the world succeed at online dating with great success! To learn more about his online dating advice, and to learn how to craft the profile that will get you all the results you can dream of, click here now!

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