Matan and Ashley met in May of 2010, and believe they never would have found each other without the help of JDate. Matan joined JDate excitedly, with hopes of connecting and meeting his soul mate. Matan went out on dates with a few nice girls, but none were a match for him… until one day he came across Ashley’s picture.

The two chatted online just once, and Matan called Ashley a few days later to ask for a date. For their first date they went to the bar in the W Hotel in Union Square. If you ask Matan what he thought of Ashley, he will tell you he was so distracted by her beauty that he left his credit card at the bar (and didn’t realize till a week later, whoops)! For their second date, they went bowling and Matan stuck around even after seeing Ashley’s awful athletic skills (she bowled a 38)!

Ashley was a little more skeptical about joining JDate, but with the urging of her family, she finally agreed. She now believes it was one of the best decisions of her life. Ashley is a nurse and works long hours, and although she lives in a busy city, had difficulties meeting someone who really sparked her interest. Like Matan, Ashley had also gone out on a few dates, but not with anyone who she really felt she could see herself with in a serious relationship. Matan really sparked her interest though, so Ashley decided to give him a shot.

Matan knew quickly he and Ashley had a future together. After two weeks he told a friend, as long as her family is “half normal,” this girl will be my wife. Ashley, on the other hand, moved much slower. In fact, when Matan asked her to be his girlfriend for the first time, she said, “Eh, let’s just keep it like this.” Matan, whose pride may have been hurt just a little bit, refused to ask her again. One morning Ashley said to him, “You better ask again” and like a smart boy, he did.

Despite growing up in different countries with very different customs and cultures (Ashley grew up on Long Island and Matan grew up in Israel), the two felt a strong connection to each other. They both share similar values, plans for life, and have extremely close relationships with their families. Matan and Ashley both know the importance of friendship, compassion, understanding, compromise and love in a relationship, and they practice all of these traits. They make each other laugh, and balance each other in many ways. Opposites definitely attract.

After a year and a half of dating, they both knew they had found the person with whom they wanted to share their lives. Matan popped the question outside of their favorite restaurant, and Ashley was shocked! She was even more shocked when they went inside to find both of their immediate families waiting to shower them with love. They are excited to be starting new chapter of their life together.

Ashley and Matan
New York, New York

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