Dear JDate,

cont-mt-barbara-markMy fiancé and I met on JDate in June 2004. We are truly soul mates. We both grew up in Queens, New York, and literally crossed paths while we were kids. We never would have met if it was not for your site. We are getting married in California on July 15th.

Thank you!

Tips for other JDaters:
My belief was that there were many wonderful decent people out there, and I just had to keep giving it a chance. Mark had decided that he was not going to look for a “girlfriend,” but a friend to hang out with and have fun with. I think this is why we enjoyed each other so much and why we are now getting married. For the first six to eight months, we just did many different activities that we both loved to do and spent our time laughing, singing and just enjoying each other’s company. Our love and relationship grew over time until we realized how much we loved each other and couldn’t stand being apart.

One important aspect of our relationship was our jobs. He travels extensively, so that even when we knew we would be together forever, we only saw each other on weekends, and then sometimes not even that often. I own my own business and am quite busy building that. Maybe not being “on top of one another” is also a good thing.

Barbara & Mark
Cameron Park, California

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