Dear JDate,

cont-mt-beth-davidDavid almost canceled the first date, but too polite to cancel a JDate the day of the event, he went for it. An incredible love and almost instant attraction did not occur until date three (which was day three), and a once-in-a-lifetime love affair for two people who both had prior marriages of 18 and 26 years occurred.

Suffice it to say, we married the loves of our life on April 30, 2006 — one year and 10 days from the day we met. We were engaged on my birthday in Venice, Italy within 6 months and married on Dave’s birthday — an unforgettable, wonderful event.

After 26 years of marriage and moving from Philadelphia to Boca Raton, I needed a way to meet new people and start my life over. I met my best friends, both guys and girls through JDate.

Tip for other JDaters:

Yes, you need to meet a tremendous amount of people to find the one… but I did.

Thanks, JDate. We will never forget you!

Beth & David
Boca Raton, Florida

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