Jule Styne and Leo Robin wrote it. Carol Channing put a voice to the lyrics on Broadway. Then Marilyn Monroe sang it so well on film that the song has been listed as one of the most influential movie tunes of all time by the American Film Institute.

Square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks don’t lose their shape and that’s why diamonds remain a girl’s best friend. Some women may want a man to give them expensive jewels but today’s ladies no longer feel the need.

Ruta Fox, CEO of DivineDiamonds.com, started the trend and has ridden it since the very beginning. Fox, as the creator of The Ah Ring® (the first diamond band for single women) has been a firsthand witness of women as primary purchasers of fine diamonds. Her philosophy and the cornerstone upon which sales of her ring skyrocketed is that single, divorced or suddenly alone women must value themselves. Bright and sparkling diamonds, Fox adds, are treasures that not only bring us joy and meaning but add value to our lives. Unlike costume jewelry, they remain precious.

Indeed, we have arrived, from the girls we were in the 1940’s when the song first came out to women who have their own voices and bank accounts. No surprise that companies such as Diamond.com are turning to single women as target customers within the fine jewelry category. Given the statistics – specifically, more than half of the unmarried Americans are women – it’s a customer base that deserves special attention. And that’s just what Diamond.com has set out to do with the re-launch of its website. 

The good news for women who want to shine in the New Year is that faux jewels are finally out. From bright purple gemstones to stacked gold rings, the real thing is in for 2011.  So what are the must-have jewelry items? Here are our predictions for some of next year’s top sellers from Diamond.com:

1.       Black diamonds are no longer just for men; everyone is clamouring for them. Black diamond studs, drop pendant necklaces and loop earrings fit perfectly with the “neutral” craze, popular because they can be dressed up or worn with jeans to any type of gathering or celebration. 

2.       Stackable bands, in three-coloured gold and whimsy rainbow gemstones, are a great way to change up your look without a lot of cost or commitment. And because they’re stackable, you can choose to wear them as solitary band or you can lay it on thick by layering multiple bands on one finger.

3.       For business casual, cuffs are still the couture du jour for professional women, yet this season we are seeing lots more diamonds. Cuffs make a bold statement and have replaced tennis bracelets and bangles in terms of popularity.

4.       As for milestone celebrations like a 40th birthday, many women are opting for the DIY route, creating signature pieces to commemorate special occasions in their lives. Diamond.com offers up custom designs services, with over 30,000 unique stones from which to choose, enough to make Ms. Channing and Ms. Monroe smile at how far we’ve come.

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