In my recent series of blog entries we have been discussing that there are many different ways that males can attract females online.  So far we have discussed the importance of showing some alpha male qualities here and there.

Today’s Attraction Builder:  Sense of Humor

Sense of humor is one of the easiest proven ways to not only generate high attraction, but generate high interest as well.  There are few things more appealing to a woman than a guy that has the ability to make her laugh all day and night.

Why?  It shows a few things:

  1. Women will know that they will always be entertained by you and never have to worry about being bored in life.
  2. Many women hesitate to grant a first date out of fear that it will be awkward or boring.  By demonstrating lots of humor you will circumvent this fear.
  3. Being funny shows you are of value to society, which hits on other attraction builders, as well.  Being funny makes you the type of person who people want to be around and who women are able to show off to family and friends as well.

So be sure to incorporate humor into all aspects of your online dating life.  This includes everything from your profile, to pick-up, to actual dates.  Next time we will discuss some actual methods on how to learn to build humor when picking up women online.

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