Today we will continue our series on building attraction with one of the most important aspects that you could ever learn to develop – Self-Confidence.

One of the things I discovered while writing my online dating book was that self-confidence is a huge attraction builder; bigger than most people realize, in fact.  Ask any woman what they find most attractive about a man and self-confidence is always one of their top three answers.

Why is self-confidence so important?

High self-confidence is scientifically proven to make women more attracted to males.  They are wired this way and cannot help it. Think about how many times you have seen a so-so looking guy with a beautiful woman.   Often times these guys have tremendous self-confidence.

Some theorize the reason women are attracted to this is evolutionary; that women are wired to men who seem the most capable as a survival mechanism.  Others will argue that the reasons are largely social.  Whatever the reason, showing a ton of self-confidence gives women a lot of reasons to be interested in you:

  • You are showing that you are someone with a ton of value (another attraction builder).   If you act like you are great, women will wonder why you are acting this way and assume there is something special about you.
  • You are showing that you are someone that women who date you can bring anywhere without worrying about the social implications.
  • You are showing you will be someone that is fun, entertaining, and has the ability to take control.  Women want someone that is strong and confident which ties into our alpha male attraction building in a previous blog entry.

For all these reasons, do whatever it takes to build up your self-confidence.  In my next blog we will discuss ways to do so.

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