Dessert is often the forgotten course. It is the final frontier for many busy cooks who want to put out a nice meal but simply do not have the time. Skip the purchased cookies, chiffon cake and pre-cut fruit from the salad bar (I know you cheat and buy the fruit pre-cut!). Never fear because this simple, gorgeous summer tart will make you look like a kitchen deity. It is cherry season and the market is bursting with these dazzling garnet colored gems. Scoop them up while you can, pit them and freeze them. They will last for months in the freezer. Delish!

Cherry Tart Crust

(No rolling pins, flour everywhere and cracked crusts. Just pat the dough into the pan and chill- just you and the dough!)

¼ cup butter, softened

½ cup sugar

1 cup all purpose flour

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Pinch of salt

  1. Process the butter and sugar in a food processor until the mixture resembles a coarse meal.
  2. Add the flour, vanilla, lemon juice and salt. Pulse until the mixture pulls together and forms a ball.
  3. Remove from the processor and gently knead the dough together.
  4. Press the dough evenly into a 9” false bottom tart pan that has been lightly greased.
  5. Chill the tart dough for one hour or overnight until it has firmed up.

For the filling

Cherry Tart

1 cup Bing cherries, pitted

1 cup sour cherries, pitted

¼ cup sugar

1/3 cup cornstarch

Zest of one lemon

  1. Toss all of ingredients together for the filling.
  2. Place the tart filling into the chilled crust.

Streusel Topping

4 tablespoons butter

1/3 cup flour

¼ cup sugar

¼ cup chopped almonds

Pinch of salt

  1. In a large bowl, mix all of the ingredients together with your hands until the mixture forms pea sized clumps.
  2. Evenly sprinkle the streusel over the cherries.
  3. Bake the tart in the pre-heated oven for 40 minutes until the crust has lightly browned and the cherries are juicy.

Chill before serving.

Laura Frankel is an Executive Chef at Wolfgang Puck Kosher Catering and author of numerous kosher cookbooks including Jewish Cooking for All Seasons and Jewish Slow Cooker Recipes. To purchase her books, click here.
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