I had been on JDate, on-and-off, for a couple of years without much success. However, after my last relationship did not work out, I realized it was time to find my Jewish prince, and turned right back to JDate.

Since I was so serious about my new decision, I also enlisted the services of a matchmaker. (I should mention here that my level of commitment also included visualizing and talking to my future intended, you know, like in The Secret, and other such theories on how to get what you want from the Universe… the Universe told me that his name would be “Jason.” No joke, that was the name that popped into my head.)

The matchmaker instantly matched me with a brilliant doctor who, interestingly enough, I had almost been set up with the year before. I say “almost” because he never knew about it, and my friend who wanted to set us up, wanted it to look like an accidental meeting. Long story short, we just kept missing each other, and eventually, my friend gave up.

I was getting plenty of e-mails from JDaters, which mostly just ended up in first dates, and, sadly for me, none of the men I contacted first through the site ever responded back. On top of which, my doctor match (from the matchmaker) was taking his time in calling me to set up our first date. It was starting to feel like the story of my life.

success-caroline-jason-tmb2One Sunday morning while killing time before work, I was logged into JDate and saw Jason. His profile was short, and photos seemed a bit spread out through time (it was hard to tell which was more recent), but something about his tone and his eyes made me want to reach out. I figured it might turn out like all the others who never responded, but no more than five minutes later, he sent me a response! We exchanged phone numbers right away and ended up meeting that very night!

My first impression when he walked in was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. He looked amazing, better than any of his photos; he was my perfect type, and I was getting really excited. Our date went very well: it ended with a kiss and a promise to see each other again.

In the meantime, my doctor match had finally called, and we planned to meet that same week. Did I mention that his name was also Jason? Yeah… So, we met and had a great date. I didn’t get that same feeling that I had had with JDate Jason, but Dr. Jason and I had history! I got very confused, so I did what any normal girl would do… I went to Maui with a girlfriend!

While I was gone, I pondered my situation, trying to figure out which of these two I was supposed to be with. Upon my return, Dr. Jason and I had a couple more dates. Feeling like things were going in the right direction, and given our mutual connections, I started realizing that I was going to have to let JDate Jason down. He had been texting about our upcoming second date, to which I responded: “I’m so sorry; I’ve met someone else with whom I have a stronger connection. I wish you the best.” A few hours later, his response was: “Very sorry to hear that, I wish you the best, and you never know what the future may hold.”

Smart man. After two more dates with Dr. Jason, I got an e-mail saying he wasn’t feeling the relationship! That’s when, remembering the open text message from JDate Jason, I decided to re-initiate communication. He instantly asked me on our “second first date” – and from that moment on, May 18th 2013, we were inseparable.

The love we felt for each other so quickly was breathtaking. It was truly like being entirely attracted to your best friend. We moved in six months later, around Thanksgiving. One month after that, on December 13th, 2013, during our morning hike, the love of my life, my prince, asked me to be his wife.

I tell my friends often that finding the right partner is tough, and internet dating can seem a bit daunting, but it just takes one to make it all worthwhile. I will forever be a fan. Thank you JDate.

Caroline and Jason
Los Angeles, California

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