It was two years ago toward the end of April when Claire came across Guy’s JDate profile and thought he was cute. She messaged him, thinking what have I got to lose? Another bad date? 🙂

Claire was blunt and short; she messaged Guy saying, “Hey, do you want to meet up?” They went on their first date, which was going so great that (being the honest man he is) Guy proceeded to tell Claire he had been on several dates with another girl and was still dating her. At that point Claire said, it was such a fun night, but he should figure out things with the girl he was seeing… and if it didn’t work out to give her a call.

success-claire-guy-tmb2The next day Guy called her and said he wasn’t interested in seeing the other woman again. The rest is history. Nearly two years later, Claire and Guy were married.

Guy proposed to Claire on La Jolla Beach in January, and then took her back home where all their family and friends were waiting to surprise her at their apartment. They decided not to have a big, lavish wedding, but instead to travel Europe in the summer. And, also in lieu of a big wedding, the couple held an engagement party where they surprised guests by changing into a wedding gown and pulling out a chuppah an hour into the party. Everyone was so shocked and happy! It was such a fun night.

Claire and Guy say they feel lucky to have found each other and to get to share their lives together. “We are thankful we took a chance and got on JDate, it has changed our lives forever.”

Claire and Guy
La Jolla, California

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