Scenario:  You are out and about and decide it’s that time of night to hit on a female.  You approach her feeling good and ready to kick some game.  The opener goes well, you’re having a great conversation and then, out of nowhere, the woman says she has to go.  You are left confused wondering where things went wrong.

This can be an extremely frustrating aspect of picking up women online.  With the hundreds of things that may have occurred during the course of one conversation, it is nearly impossible to pinpoint specifically where things went wrong.

Enter online dating.

 One of the most beautiful aspects of online dating is that you have the ability to go back and save a conversation.  Every single step of your pick up is right in front of you, all typed out.

 This is an amazing gift, allowing you to study every aspect of your pick up and figure out where exactly things went wrong.  It enables you to improve upon your mistakes, fix the kinks in your game, and be more prepared than ever for your next online pick up.

Copy and pasting is your best friend.  Save your conversations and use them to your advantage.

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