Dear Tamar,

Can you please advise women to stop wearing the Han Solo uniform on dates?

—Chewbacca and Friends


Dear Chewy,


Okay, but really, I get it. Autumn is upon us, and with that comes a new wardrobe. I don’t know about you, but I’m not so sad to see the super short-shorts go away for awhile. I’ve seen enough tuchus this summer to last a lifetime! Fall clothing is nice because it’s not too baring and not too bulky. Regardless, women should make more of an effort for a date than just skinny jeans, boots and a vest.

Ladies: you don’t want to shave your legs for a first date? Fine. So wear a dress or a long sweater over tights with booties. Show your prospect that you put in the effort and are excited about the date by dressing up a bit. It’s the least you can do. Save the Han Solo get-up (which I do love myself) for a girls night or a day at the mall.



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