Dear Tamar,

For the first time in a long time I finally liked a guy and we had a few awesome dates, after which he and I emailed and discussed making plans… but then I never heard from him again!

—What Went Wrong?


Dear What Went Wrong,

That sucks. It seriously is the worst part of dating. I hate when people do that (it’s not always men, women are just as guilty); it’s rude and inconsiderate and simply not good for karma! So, here’s the way I look at it: this guy did you a favor by cutting out after only a few dates because he is clearly not who you thought he was, and is not the right guy for you. It’s not personal. It’s more a reflection of who this guy actually is than anything about you. It stings to not have closure, but chalk it up to him saving you from more grief later on and move on. And know that you are in good company because EVERYONE has had this happen to them… now make sure you don’t do it to someone else!


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