In August 2009, I was getting ready to begin my senior year of college in New Jersey. I was originally from Long Island, lived in Jersey for several years, and then decided to continue my schooling in the Garden State.

One day, my best friend and I were shopping and discussing the fact that neither of us had ever been to a psychic, and maybe it would be worth a shot. Literally two aisles later at Target, a woman approached us with a business card because ironically that was her profession. The next night we drove to the psychic because we had nothing to do. When it was my turn to have a reading, the psychic looked at me, smiled and said, “You are going to meet your soul mate in a week. His name will begin with a J, he will wear a blue uniform to work every day, and you will have many of the same interests including a love for the warm weather.”

success-deborah-jeffrey-tmb2I laughed it off, went home, and decided to check out the JDate account I had made, but rarely used. As I looked at the list of messages in the inbox, I had a request to Instant Message. I accepted the IM request, and after a long conversation, we decided to meet up the following weekend. He must be worthy if he lived in Long Island and was willing to drive to South Jersey to meet me for a date…

Fast-forward to 2014, that guy’s name is Jeff, he wears a blue uniform to work daily because is an auto body shop owner, and we both enjoy taking regular vacations to the warm weather. We have been together for five years, married for one and we are expecting our first son together in several weeks. The rest is history…

Deborah and Jeffrey
Farmingdale, New York

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