In my past blog entries I breifly discussed the importance of a male having a great online dating profile. 

But what about women?  How often have you seen a beautiful girls profile on a dating site that had three sentences or less?  Yet, this same woman is probably receiving HUNDREDS of emails a week.

The reasons behind this is simple.  As I frequently write about, the male and female mind are wired so differently.  While females may be attracted to a male based on many qualities right off the bat, males are completely visual creatures.  For the most part we zoom in on looks first and worry about everything else later.  It is natural instinct, programmed into our DNA.

So what does this mean for these beautiful women?  To put it bluntly, a great profile is not neccessary.  Even if they fill one out with tremendous effort trying to sort out the people that message them, most guys will completely ignore this, feeling powerless to stop themselves from trying anyway!

It may be unfair to us guys out there, but sorry to say, beautiful women just don’t need to put the type of effort we put forth.  Maybe we should start making them pay for dinner to make up for this!

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