Dear Rachel,

I have my first JDate at the end of the week (after only signing up 3 days earlier then the guy asked me out)! However, I’m curious about what’s an appropriate greeting? A hug? A kiss on the cheek? Or just a simple handshake?

I’ve never been on a blind date or tried online dating until now.  Obviously I have been communicating with my date, so I’m getting to know him, but what’s appropriate?!


-To Kiss or Not to Kiss


Dear To Kiss or Not to Kiss,

Mazel tov on landing your first JDate!

I’m so glad you asked this question. As if first dates aren’t nerve-racking enough, you have the added edge of meeting someone in person for the first time! My best advice is to feel out each situation and let your date take the lead. Think of it as a way to get a sense for your date’s style! If he’s a hand-shaker, he may be a bit reserved, wanting to remain polite until he gets to know you better. If he’s a bear-hugger, he’s likely extroverted and inviting.

Either way, you’ll get helpful insight from the first meeting. Just remember to take a deep breath and smile!



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  1. I have Jdated in the south and North East. Both places seem to be ok with a kiss on the cheek but the Princeton, NY, and Philly guys seem more prone to go for the kiss on the cheek, but it really seems everyone does.

  2. Hi,
    Am sorry but am having a problem went out on 7 dates and spent g’day with date. He asked me to be girlfriend but did not remove himself off site. Do I say anything? Is he messing with me?

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