Ellory and Rikki met on March 18, 2010 at a small cafe for some coffee. Coffee turned into dinner and a three-hour long interrogation led by Rikki.

Let’s rewind a few weeks: At that time, both Rikki and Ellory had skeptically joined JDate. “Your profile looks interesting… haha” were his first words to her. Not the best pick up line, but he was cute and that was enough to lure her in. From there, conversation became much deeper, including topics such as American Idol, L.A. sushi spots, and Rikki’s (lack of a) South African accent. Finally, Ellory put a stop to that nonsense and gave him her phone number, insisting he call and ditch the online chat.

The rest is history and that first coffee date, turned dinner date, turned interrogation became their anniversary date until Rikki “proposed” a new one.

Thank you!

Ellory and Rikki
Los Angeles, California

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