I am indeed very grateful for JDate. Without it, I would never have met my wife.

I was never into online dating, but my friends eventually convinced me to try JDate. I signed up for a six-month package, expecting to use it for a long time because I never thought it would really work. After just two weeks, I met my future wife.

Elyse first messaged me upon seeing that I liked “Israeli music,” which caught her attention. When I glanced at her profile I noticed something that was probably one of the best turn-ons I could see in an online profile – “bamba” was listed as one of her favorite foods. I was interested immediately and we started to chat. We had so much in common – both in social and cultural aspects. Elyse and I even had a mutual friend, who coincidentally, was having a birthday party in the next few days. We decided we had to meet each other.

Seeing her was definitely ‘love at first sight.’ There are many people who post pictures of themselves online, taken at the best angle with plenty of instagram filters and photoshop corrections, distorting what they actually look like in real life. Not with this one. She looked EXACTLY like her pictures – beautiful as ever. We instantly hit it off and couldn’t stop talking the entire night. From there, the rest is history. We had the most beautiful wedding in Caesarea, Israel and could not be more thankful for JDate and having a little luck!

Elyse and Shachar
Paramus, New Jersey

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