Exclamation points pop up a lot in our emails to one another.

Thanks! … Have a great weekend!

I admit they add a built-in warmth and friendliness. Even when we apologize… My bad!

As much as we may overly exclaim our sentiments when typing or texting, we under-exclaim them in real life. Otherwise, if you passed me a napkin on our date, and I exclaimed, “Thanks!” you’d either think I was insane or resent me for sarcastically over-praising your napkin pass.

So how do we sensibly add the warmth and friendliness of email chatting to the real world, so maybe we could develop a healthy addiction to face to face chatting vs. screen to screen?

How ‘bout implanting miniature iPads on our eyeballs, so you can check your email when you’re looking into my eyes, and I can check my email when looking into yours? EyePads!!!!!!

Give or take an exclamation point.

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