Everyone has five minutes of their day they can put aside to get in contact with a person they are interested in. No one is too busy or too important to say, “I didn’t have the time” to call and make plans, or confirm plans, or even to reschedule plans. Here are two important rules to remember when making plans for a date:

  • Calling the day before you want to make plans is two days too late.
  • Calling a few hours before said date to confirm or reschedule is a day too late.

Not finding the time is disrespectful and sends the message that you’re not entirely interested in that person. Do your date a favor and either call sooner if you are interested, or simply don’t waste anyone’s time and cancel. But find the time to do so.


I’ve talked about canceling at the last minute before, but how do you tell the difference between a legitimate excuse and a bogus one? Click here to find out!

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  1. hi, i wish to find the love of my life..why is so difficult? hope JDATE helps..I make the time, it is true that i love my work, i do documentaries… but maybe living in LIMA makes it even harder.. I can travel as well… don´t know for what is this comment, but i am opening my heart…

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