Ladies, step away from the Kindle. Leave your Nook on the night table. It’s time you pick up a real paperback novel. With this in mind, the Single Edition editors rounded up some of our favorite reads from the past year, from the women we love to love! From break-up recovery plans to single gal self-empowerment and relationship tactics, there is something for everyone on this must-read list.   

Choosing ME before WE: Dating coach and entrepreneur, Christine Arylo, takes a very personal heart-breaking experience and turns it into an uplifting three-part empowerment guide for single women. Choosing ME before WE is from a woman who was left nearly at the altar and is an eye-opening read that will teach you how to put self first through thought provoking questions and exercises. It’s an enlightening read and Christine’s genuine approach is what makes it worthwhile!

If He’s Not the One, Who Is?: Heartbreak healer Lisa Steadman is back with the perfect sequel to her first book, It’s A Break Up, Not a Breakdown. This time, she challenges the newly single to examine failed relationships and learn from their mistakes, helping them go from “BooHoo” to “WooHoo.” It’s all about “accountability, action and consistency” advises Steadman, and once again through humor and style she successfully points readers in the right direction.

The Prince Harming Syndrome: In a clever and witty manner, author Karen Salmonsohn combines the ancient Greek philosophy of Aristotle with modern therapy tactics to redefine our approach to successful relationships. The Prince Harming Syndrome is the first of this genre to point out that good character is longer lasting than just charm, and teaches us how to seek happiness with a partner rather than just pleasure.

Boys Before Business: The Single Girl’s Guide to Having it All: A must read for any woman who is trying to reach professional heights while attempting to make a lasting love connection. In Boys Before Business: The Single Girl’s Guide to Having it All, Jennifer S. Wilkov and Kimberly A. Mylls reinforce the message that single ladies can be successful on all fronts without sacrificing your sense of self. And, if you are seeking to put men in your life and feel it threatens your business aspirations, this empowering guide will show you how to balance it all without losing a step in either part of your life.  

The Perils of Cyber Dating: For the millions of singles searching for love online, author Julie Spira imparts cyber-dating savoir faire, interspersed with her outrageously hilarious virtual experiences. With more than 250 dates under her belt in less than 15 years, Ms. Spira is a matchmaking maven who offers the right tips and pointers to help you get lucky in love online.

If you want to pick up a copy of any one of the titles featured on our reading list, you can find them all on or directly via the author’s website. is a lifestyle destination where singles get advice, discounts and connect with other singles, and share their inspiring personal success stories. To read more articles about the single lifestyle, click here!
  1. thanks for the great book list, i don’t own an kindle and no idea what a nook is. I still have a pile of books still to read and i try to unwind with a book most nights

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