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Dear JDate,

Here is our Love Story.

We had met on JDate and emailed and IM’ed each other several times, but had not yet met in person.

In 2006, following a Boca Raton performance of the solo show in which I perform (which I’ve based on my real family story – a Jewish Pride-in-Identity story), I returned to my green room to remove my makeup and saw that my stage manager had left me a card with a note on it: “Your performance, your story…Thank you. Please call me, Dani. I’d be honored to meet you.” So I did, and we did.

Our coffee turned into dinner, which turned into coffee until 2 a.m. when we closed the restaurant. Driving home I knew I had connected with one of the most “alive” people I’d ever met and the magic between us was undeniable. However, I was hesitant to acknowledge our connection as I had a commitment to move to L.A. for a film project, and Dani, a spicy, swarthy, American-Israeli, was living on Long Island.

A few nights later, during our second date, I let Dani know that I had given up my apartment, and was hunting for one in L.A. Dani offered me the use of one of the condominiums he owns in South Florida, so that I wouldn’t feel pressured into relocating too quickly. Of course, this was also his way of keeping me around a little longer. I accepted, and he stayed in Florida a few weeks longer to court me, until I flew away feeling excited about my future in L.A., but more so feeling torn away from Dani.

We stayed in constant touch, speaking by phone at least five times every day. He flew me to Florida for many romantic reconnections, and flew to be with me in Los Angeles countless times. Our times together were always jazzed with good magic, loving and fun!

Now we fast forward to another performance of my solo show during a private booking in Beverly Hills. During the show’s wrap-up, I share with the audience as to how my reclamation of being Jewish has manifested in my life. Suddenly, Dani appeared, interrupted and told the audience “…and then she joined JDate and met the man of her dreams who followed her to L.A. and proposed to her in the middle of her show…” And then, he proposed to me!

I have of course written him into my show, and more importantly, my life! We were married in Palm Beach, where we live together in “our chosen land.” Dani is now co-producing my show, and my life.

Thank you JDate!

Franni and Dani
West Palm Beach, Florida

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  1. Lovely story. Mazal Tov to you both, you make a gorgeous couple.
    What was Jdate’s part in your meeting? it’s understood that you met at one of your shows.

  2. Congretulation to both of you …
    I am very happy that you both found each other
    and got married ..
    I wish it to all of you who wants to get married
    with lots of luck ….. 🙂
    I am excited for you both…

  3. I know Franni, had met her 4 years ago through a friend, she is so funny and eclectic… Good for her and Dani!

  4. Sharon in Israel made a good point. Dani explained that they met through jDate, yet Franni skipped over that & said they met at her show.

    I’m assuming that what was edited out (whether accidentally or on purpose!) was perhaps that they’d met on jDate & she then invited him to her show.

    Interesting first meeting I must say: to watch a person as they perform their entire life before your very eyes. But then again, there’s no underestimating the ability of actors to be extroverted. These are two extroverts who are made for each other. Glad they tied the knot. Wonder which one needs more attention?

  5. What a wonderful story.. I’m so happy for both of you… I’m so glad that you both found love…

    What an inspiration!!! Have a wonderful life together!!!

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