On June 30, 2008, the first Jewish Treat was posted to Jewishtreats.org. There were less than 50 people on the subscription list. Today, we are proud to say, over 2,500 people receive Jewish Treats in their inboxes every day, and hundreds more read Jewish Treats via links on Twitter and Facebook. The feedback that Jewish Treats has generated over the last three years is a source constant encouragement.

The seemingly limitless variety of topics that Jewish Treats have been able to present to our readers is not surprising, in light of the following passage in Nedarim 55a:

(Please Note: The sages are commenting on the verses in Numbers 21:18-19, which note the movement of the Jewish people in what seem to be obscure locations: “From the wilderness [Midbar] to Mattanah; and from Mattanah to Nachaliel; and from Nachaliel to Bamot.”)

When a person makes himself like the Midbar (wilderness), which is free to all [meaning, he teaches Torah free of charge], the Torah is presented to him as a Mattanah (gift), as it says, “And from the Midbar to Mattanah.” And once he has the Torah as a gift, God gives it to him as an Nachala (inheritance), [“and from Mattanah to Nachaliel”] And when God gives it to him as an inheritance, he rises to greatness, for it says, “and from Nachaliel to Bamot (the heights).”

Each time recipients of Jewish Treats gain new knowledge of their heritage, share something that they learned and enjoyed with others, or forward the e-mail of the day, they too are making themselves like the wilderness, receiving the Torah as a gift and making it their own.

On the occasion of our third anniversary, Jewish Treats thanks you for your continued support.

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