I had this shirt that looked amazing on but everytime I wore it something bad would happen. Not bad as in someone died, but bad as in bad luck. When I wore it on first dates, those prospects always sucked. When I wore it on second dates, the prospect would invariably take a nosedive to disaster. So I stopped wearing it. It was my favorite shirt, but it had bad juju.

When I wear these over-the-knee black boots I always have an awesome day, so when I’m perusing my closet looking for something to wear I invariably plan my outfit around the boots.

I know some single women who always wear a certain bracelet because they have an awesome date each time they wear it. Of course, it doesn’t mean it ended up being a successful relationship, but they at least enjoyed the first date.

It could be a rabbit’s foot keychain or a 12-year-old condom in your wallet, whatever it is that you think brings you good luck on your dates — use it! Whatever can add confidence to this difficult journey is worth a shot!

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