When you meet someone new online, what’s the first thing you do? Search their name on Google? It’s OK to admit you do. Pretty much everyone does. And why wouldn’t you? It’s a smart first step to learn about someone you know.

But you shouldn’t stop at just a Google search. There’s a much better tool for digging up secrets. It’s called Instant Checkmate, and it can help you get the dirt on your online matches!

This innovative site scans hundreds of millions of publicly available records from local, state, and federal sources. Then it compiles those results into one easy-to-read report. All you have to do is enter the name of anyone you know!

And the best part of using Instant Checkmate? You can look up as many people as you want, as many times as you want. In just seconds, you could uncover a list of traffic offenses, aliases, related persons, licenses—the type of personal data that might paint a much clearer picture than what they’re actually telling you.

Instant Checkmate can help you get the full “scoop” on people you know and love. How cool is that?

So, what insider intel might show up in a background check?

A Criminal Past

If the person you’re dating had a run-in with the law, they’re probably reluctant to tell you about it. But, you have a right to know. Look up arrest and criminal records on Instant Checkmate, and you might uncover a past that could impact whether or not you want to date this person.

Traffic Offenses

Has your date ever been issued a speeding ticket? Gotten busted for reckless driving? Or worse, for a DUI? You need to know if the person driving you can get you home safe and sound. Find out now if your date has any driving-related offenses that might be putting you in danger!

Hidden Online Profiles

Social media is a great resource for connecting people. But, what if the person you’ve been dating for the last three months is still on several different dating sites? To see if they’ve been up to some shady business online, search their name on Instant Checkmate.

Financial Woes

Say your relationship is getting serious and you get engaged; soon you’re about to get married and invest in a home: What if your spouse has a prior record for writing bad checks or stealing from their employer? You might second-guess trusting your money to someone who mishandled it in the past.

Secret Family Members

They’ve never mentioned family, but their report shows relatives whose names you don’t recognize. Could one of those “related persons” be a child you don’t know about? Or maybe an ex-spouse? Let Instant Checkmate help you piece together their family tree, and the story they’re not telling you.

Relationships are built on trust. If you discover secrets from their past, wouldn’t you want to know what else they’re hiding? Before you decide if they’re worth your trust, double-check that they’re telling the truth.

To search someone you know, click here.  This site can give you the peace of mind your new relationship deserves!

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